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This is not a response protocol. This is a prevention practice.


Most acts of school violence are not sudden, impulsive acts. You will learn to recognize the societal factors and behavioral precursors that can possibly lead to violence. And you’ll learn how to engage with people before it’s too late.

You hold the power to prevent violence.


Lives are changed and lives are saved by building authentic, personal connections that don’t start and stop when the bell rings. You become what your students need—a cheerleader, a problem-solver, a listener, and a friend.

Genuine relationships are worth keeping.


Some of your students have never had a genuine, heartfelt relationship. Through meaningful relationships with your teachers and staff, students learn to trust, to be themselves, and to reach their full potential. Students experience a sense of belonging that fosters a safe, healthy, and inclusive culture.

We have the power to prevent violence, together. Let’s get started!

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