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For Students

Every decision your students make can have an impact for life, either positively—saying “hello” in the hallway. Or negatively—social media bullying.

Your students discover what it means to build kind, meaningful relationships. They are challenged to create a culture of inclusion by being the friend someone needs.

They will see themselves as unique individuals who add value to their schools, homes, and communities.

When students feel valued, they learn better. Graduation rates improve. Suspensions decrease. They succeed. Your job satisfaction improves. Your communities are safer. Everyone in your district wins.

Your students receive:

  • Grade-level appropriate assemblies
  • Student challenges
  • Ways to practice RIPL through simple, daily acts of kindness

Broaden your impact with RIPL training for administrators and RIPL training for teachers and staff.

This three-pronged approach bridges gaps among your staff, students, and administration. Combined knowledge and support ensure everyone works together to prevent school violence.

We have the power to prevent violence, together. Let’s get started!

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